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All partner companies carry high quality products that meet all internationals standards. i.e. Male Factor Paks, Swim up Pak, Home Semen Analysis Kit (USA), IUI and IVF egg retrieval and catheters, protective face masks, exam gloves, PPE and reproductive products.



F.T.I is proud to work with its esteemed international affiliates, which are founded by Prof. Zavos. These affiliate companies and global centers operate on the same high level of quality and customer satisfaction as those offered at the headquarters of the Andrology Institute of America in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.  Meanwhile, these services and know-how are currently available and are ready to be utilized at any location and country all over the globe, including India, Europe, China, Middle East, and other exotic locations.


The "Walmart" of Infertility Market has merged with ZDL GLobal, LLC

Reproductive products

Gender Selection

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