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SpermCare One-Step IUI System

without the IUI Catheters

requires 1-2 business day delivery. The additional upgraded cost $25 has been added to the price  (reg shipping fee applied at checkout)

Includes one frozen gel pak inside the box 



*This is a perishable item, all perishable items are non-refundable*








One-Step (5 pak) IUI System No catheter(rush delivery+gelpak)

  • InVitroCare SpermCare One-Step IUI System

    • InVitroCare SpermCare One-Step is a ready to use sperm preparation system for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). The system includes pre-measured gradient in 15mL centrifuge tubes and premeasured InVitroCare Sperm Wash Medium in glass vials.
    • The gradient, consisting of silane coated colloidal silica particles suspended in HEPES-buffered HTF, removes bacteria, epithelial cells, cell debris, immature sperm, and lymphocytes.
    • All system components contain glucose as a useable energy substrate to maintain normal cell metabolism and sperm function
  • The shipping cost paid during checkout is only for domestic shipping (within US). Due to the purishable nature of this product, it can only be shipped using OVERNIGHT STANDARD. If it is international shipping, you are required to pay additional shipping fee. You need to contact either via phone (1-859-278-6806) or email ( to know the exact cost of shipping.

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